Webster mobile app in the works


Webster University is preparing to launch a mobile application for students next spring. The app will run on iOS, Android and Windows phones.

The first phase of the app will feature a home screen, an about section, an athletics tab, dining and cafeteria information and a campus directory.

The mobile app will initially launch for the Webster Groves campus, but eventually the app will be a global application that corresponds with each Webster campus around the world.

“The ultimate goal for the app is to be deployed globally for each of the campuses and the international campuses, and utilizing everything from one standard platform,” said Vice President of Informational Technology Kenneth Freeman.

As the application expands globally, so will its functions.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re in Geneva, you’re in Accra, you’re in Thailand, you’ll be able to pull it up and then see information relative to your particular campus or any of the campuses going forward. That’s where we’re going with this,” Freeman said.

The cost of the application is still under negotiation. The administrative council signed an agreement with AT&T earlier this year. AT&T partners with a development group called MOTO Labs which will build the application to work on all platforms.

Freeman said the app has been in the works for some time now.

“This is something that was on our plate as a university previously. Even before it came up on the Delegates’ Agenda, we were leaning this way,” Freeman said.

The application is coming to its final approval stages soon, before it begins full development.

“At this stage, we have a proposal. The proposal has been reviewed, and we need to update the stakeholders. We are scheduling a meeting for that and once we have that and there aren’t any concerns there, then we will move forward to present to the administrative council for their final approval,” Freeman said.


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