Webster students want more budget jobs


Sophomore graduate student Chavon Chester has relied on her budget position at the University Center since she graduated. Chester said because she is a graduate student at Webster, a budget position is vital to completing her master’s degree in media communications.

In last fall’s Delegates’ Agenda, an increase in budget jobs  was listed as the fourth most important item for students. Webster University administration responded, saying a major change in budget positions should not have been expected because Webster’s budget was already being set for the fiscal year. The administration recommended checking GorlokJobs, and speaking to people in the various departments.

Chester has been working in the University Center for five years. She said she receives small raises over time, and if she didn’t have this budget job, she would not be able to afford the cost of living.

“As far as having food and clothes and paying my bills, this (job) is pretty much where I get all of my money from,” Chester said.

Chester receives multiple scholarships from Webster University and still lives on campus.

“I feel like when I first started at Webster, there were a lot of work-study, budget positions and now, looking through GorlokJobs and trying to find budget positions, all I find is work-study, work-study, work-study,” Chester said.


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