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Mood_for_New_logoI have been a student worker in the Webster University Library since my freshman year, and there has never been a dull moment back in the instruction and liaison services department. Mid-September I was approached by one of the librarians to create some signs for the Sept. 19 Wellness Fair, which took place in Grant Gymnasium. This is when I was introduced to the greatest library research database I’ve ever seen.

Natural Standard is a newer database within the library system. This self-proclaimed “authority on integrative medicine,” not only has recipes, but healthy recipes! Funny thing is, I don’t even cook really. I just don’t have the patience for it, but my mom is the greatest cook I know. It is really too bad it isn’t genetic. But until I receive some spark of inspiration, I’m content to gush over cooking shows and sites like Natural Standard. I mean recipes, and food in general, are the only things I’ve pinned on my neglected Pinterest page. As my boyfriend’s family likes to joke, I’m a good eater. Thank goodness I also enjoy the occasional jog!

One of Natural Standard’s greatest characteristics is its search filter. Visitors can search within 16 categories, all of which have subcategories to further cater to your cravings:

• Servings

• Preparation Time

• Cook Time

• Total Time

• Difficulty

• Include Ingredient

• Exclude Ingredient

• Main Ingredient

• Food Group

• Meal

• Course

• Type

• Cuisine

• Cook Method

• Special Diet

• Nutrition

I selected a couple of the recipes and made recipe cards for my co-worker to hand out at the fair along with the samples she cooked. Now, I want to do the same thing for you, Mood for Newers! I scoured the database and decided to share. After much deliberation, I recommend Haw

aiian Ambrosia fruit salad and banana chocolate shakes.

What I love about them: they are EASY and delicious. And you won’t feel bad for overeating because they are mostly made with fruit and are crazy refreshing. The only thing I would consider changing is not really a change at all, but an addition. The banana chocolate shakes are sweet, healthy and flavorful as is, but I think if you add one-fourth cup of peanut butter for a little protein and texture, the shakes would be even tastier.

The database can be accessed from the library’s homepage. Select Articles/Databases and then Natural Standard from the database drop-down menu. You’ll need your magic Webster ID number to go any further, and once you’ve been allowed access, click on the tools tab on the site and begin to select recipes.

For more new food and beverage ideas, check out my blog at, and remember, switch it up on a daily basis for spontaneity’s sake.

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