The Lizardtones Rock Headlining at Audio Engineering Society Concert Series


When their previous headliner dropped out, AES had to make some changes to their lineup on Jan. 31. The Lizardtones stepped up to the mic and ended up with the crowd demanding an encore.

The Audio Engineering Society (AES) continued their concert series with bands Post Sex Nachos, Tyler Samuels and The Lizardtones on Jan. 31. Although the concert ran into some obstacles before the show, The Lizardtones ended the night with an encore for the audience.

Originally, Bleach was supposed to be one of the bands playing but they canceled two days before the show due to scheduling issues. The live chair, Aaron Fisher, had to find a band to fill their spot 48 hours before the concert was supposed to take place. Fisher came across the band Post Sex Nachos and was able to book the lead singer and guitar player for the open spot. The Lizardtones got bumped up to headline.

Post Sex Nachos started the night off with some mellow tunes that relaxed the crowd. Tyler Samuels Project came on stage second and played some poppy alternative music. Lastly, The Lizardtones came onstage and ended up with an encore due to crowd appreciation.

Bands from the music scene in St. Louis also came to observe the talent. Sam Mcclard, the drummer in the band Furthest Point, came with the rest of his band members to enjoy The Lizardtones despite Bleach not being there.

“I’ve heard The Lizardtones through friends and I’ve just heard that they’re amazing. They did live up to the hype,” said Mcclard.

Fisher made a point to make the line-up of the concert resemble house concerts that are common in the music scene in St. Louis. According to Fisher, house alternative concerts have been popular on the music scene. The bands that played were supposed to offer the same kind of vibe.

“It was very relieving. I did not expect that many people to show up because for one The Lizardtones play a lot of shows, like, on a weekly basis so I didn’t expect many people to show up,” Fisher said.

The fact that The Lizardtones gave the audience an encore left audience members enthused about the evening. Freshman audio engineering major Rose Chauvin commented on the encore.

“It seemed like the crowd was really feeling it and it really ended the night on a high note, them coming out just a little bit more,” Chauvin said.

By the end of the night, the selection of the bands and The Lizardtones encore led to a mosh pit.

“It felt like we were a bunch of young people all getting together. We were all living in the moment and really enjoying ourselves,” Chauvin said.

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