Letter to the Editor: What Happened To Black History Month?


Contributed by India Lovings, Public Relations major

I was walking around campus and I noticed that Webster University had not given any kind of appreciation for Black History Month. This February has been a very busy month with the Beatles celebration on the library rooftop and Opportunities Fair.  However, I found it to be amazing that none of my professors or fellow students even mentioned the fact that it was Black History Month.

It seems to me that our college campus and local media failed to give proper recognition to black history.  Harris Stowe University celebrated Black History Month by holding a black history quiz bowl on Feb. 11, the University also held the African American Read-In on Feb. 12, and their Annual Black History Health Fair on Feb. 13.  Saint Louis Community College gave their recognition to Black History Month by holding the African-American Heritage Kickoff Celebration on Feb. 10 from 11a.m.-1p.m.  The event allowed students to participate in a lot of different activities that gave them knowledge on African American history.

Saint Louis University (SLU) celebrated Black History Month through a lot of different activities they held a talent show, soul food and jazz night.  A famous African American author, Sister Souljah, came to SLU and gave a speech on “The Role of African American Students on White College and University Campuses.”

As one of the big three colleges in St. Louis, we should give better recognition to African American history as we have in the past. We are a culturally diverse campus, so I think we would have a big turn out on students attending this type of event.  It would give students knowledge on my culture, and give others a chance to learn more. Next year, I would like to see Webster University have days selected where students can hear from famous African American speakers, or poetry slams.

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