Webster senior film series: Sean Tiffin, ‘Adam Howard is Dead’


After a friend is unexpectedly killed while filming a small movie, his friends fight through their grief, attend his funeral and give their eulogies. But things go awry when there’s a mix up with the eulogies. Chaos continues to ensue through a turn of events that senior Sean Tiffin wants viewers to see for themselves.

“It’s based loosely on a real dream I had. The main characters are all real people playing themselves,” Tiffin said. “It’s a (dark) comedy with elements of farce, and it’s about a eulogy that gets misplaced. Kyle Krupinski’s the cinematographer; I’ve worked with Kyle on a number of projects in the past, including ‘Fit to Burst’ and ‘Montagitek,’ so we have a very comfortable, familiar working relationship.”

Sean Nielsen is producing the movie. It will star Webster students Jack Klipsch, Jonathon Musgrave, Brock Russell and Adam Howard.

Inspired by true events, “Adam Howard is Dead” is a film that preaches the phrase (found on the film’s Indiegogo page), “We all deal with grief in different ways, but most of us just get drunk and cry.”

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