Webster senior film series: Jonathon Musgrave, ‘Goldie & Tom’


A mysterious woman named Goldie handcuffs a suicidal man to her wrist, one Dr. Tom Griffin. With a gun in her hand, Goldie puts Tom behind the wheel of her car and they drive across Missouri. Goldie and Tom will learn from each other as the viewer is taken through both of their pasts.

“The more we learn about these two, the more we’re faced with issues of trust, secrecy, friendship and the freedom to let go,” Musgrave said.

Musgrave wants to focus largely on character development in his film. He wants to make sure deeply held beliefs and motivations will come through on camera.

“Because that’s what will make this movie work,” Musgrave said. “Believing in these characters and the reasons for their actions.”

Musgrave said the film was inspired by the idea of two very different, seemingly opposite people being forced together at a turning point in their lives.

“I wanted to show that everything we do, we do by choice,” Musgrave said. “The movie is about the freedom to choose your fate.”

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