Webster senior film series: Nathan Huber, ‘Night Drop’


When Nathan Huber watched the opening bank robbery scene of “The Dark Knight,” he started to develop the idea for his senior overview project. As a fan of the film, Huber said he loves its visuals — an aspect of his own film that he emphasized.

“I thought, ‘Why don’t I just do a bank heist short?’ But then I thought it was too ambitious, but I kind of held onto that idea and started writing it anyway,” Huber said.

With advice from friends and professors, Huber developed his action/comedy film, “Night Drop.” The film focuses on two characters: a nerd and his bully who become life-long enemies. Both become bank robbers and attempt to rob the same bank at the same time. Then, the two are met with the challenge of what to do next.

Huber said his mission is to entertain his audience, and, if possible, change their moods.

“If somebody is having a bad day and they can watch my film — even if it’s only for eight minutes and they forget about all of their problems for eight minutes — then I’ve done my job,” Huber said.

Huber filmed in an old Alton, Ill., bank, which is now the Riverbender.com Community Center. The community center still has the bank’s features intact, like its vault. Huber said he was able to utilize Alton’s landscape and the Mississippi River as a backdrop in shots. The visuals were the “No. 1” aspect of the film for Huber. He said the cinematographer for “Night Drop,” Dan Goedeker, played a major role in creating the visuals.

“For being a student film, I feel like myself and my crew really went above and beyond to make this the best film possible, going from just the littlest props to the location,” Huber said. “We really went out of our way to make sure every little detail was as high quality as possible.”

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