Webster senior film series: Andrew Shafer, ‘Bad Romance’


Andrew Shafer, senior film production major, said his film “Bad Romance” developed from an idea he’s had since his freshman year — a story about a guy who can’t kill his roommate because he needs the roommate for rent money.

This idea was more comedic than what resulted for Shafer. “Bad Romance” is a dramatic horror film about a high school student, Tim, who goes back to his girlfriend’s house after prom and is faced with her insanity.

Inspired by his past relationships, Shafer described the film as a “really dark love story.”

“It’s a metaphor for a broken relationship, but in the genre of horror film. … It was an excuse for me to make a horror film out of something personal to me,” Shafer said.

The character Irene, Tim’s girlfriend, suffers from borderline personality disorder, and Tim has anxiousness and OCD tendencies. Shafer’s background in psychology (he’s a psychology minor) helped him develop these two roles. Shafer said he feels the audience will be able to relate to Tim, despite his psychotic tendencies.

“I wanted to make the character likeable. You can’t relate to ‘Dexter,’” Shafer said. “I wanted to make him an ‘every man.’”

Shafer also said he hopes the audience will take away at least one message: to think of people’s motives better.

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