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Webster University senior David Salmo at his job at The Muny. Salmo is receiving academic credit as the assistant of Mike Isaacson, executive producer at the Muny. Salmo said he would like to work at The Muny for as long as he can. PHOTO COURTESY OF PHILLIP HAMER

David Salmo said working at the The Muny Theater has been a series of surreal moments. As a kid, he grew up watching shows at The Muny, and now he has the opportunity to put them together.

Salmo, a Webster University senior in the conservatory, interviewed for an intern position in October 2011. After finding out he got the job, Salmo worked from December 2011 to January 2012 in his hired intern position. Soon after, the new executive producer, Mike Isaacson, let go of his assistant. Salmo said he ultimately fell into the role.

“I didn’t really know what to expect, but I buckled down and took over the job that needed to be done,” Salmo said.

His duties as an assistant vary from day to day. His work includes answering phone calls, taking notes with Isaacson and setting up production meetings. He said a lot of the work he does is mainly from observing. Salmo said working with Isaacson has been a learning experience.

“He’s a good mentor and he’s becoming a friend,” Salmo said. “He’s a wonderful guy. He cares a lot about education. One of the first things he asked me when I started working for him was ‘What do you want to learn?’”

Phillip Hamer, Salmo’s coworker, has worked at The Muny the past six summers. He graduated from Missouri Valley College last May. This past year was his first full year working at the theater as an in-house photographer. He doesn’t work with Salmo often, but the two have become friends.

“He’s pretty passionate about what he does,” Hamer said. “I can tell it’s what he really loves to do.”

Hamer said Salmo is laid back but serious about getting things done.

According to Salmo, Webster University’s partnership with The Muny is still growing. In result of the work he’s put in at The Muny, Salmo hopes he has helped expand the relationship. He also hopes his work there secured the theater’s expectation of people from Webster doing a good job.

Salmo hopes to do commercial producing but not until later on in his life. He would love to be at The Muny for as long as the theater will have him.

“Who knows what will happen?” Salmo said about his future. “Theater is definitely not a linear path. You just kind of go where the job takes you.”

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