Students present to President of the WWF at ‘Ideas for One Planet Sustainabilty’

Yolanda Kakabadse addresses the audience at "Ideas for One Planet Sustainability" session on Wed. Nov 7 in the East Academic Building.

Yolanda Kakabadse visited Webster University on Nov. 7 in part of “Ideas for One Planet Sustainability.” Students from different regions of St. Louis presented solutions addressing the challenges of sustainability by using the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) One Planet Living Principles. The presentations started at 6 pm at the Edwards Jones Commons in the East Academic Building.

There were three teams that presented three different topics, which included Sustainable Water, Sustainable Earth One and Industrial Agriculture Production of Food.

Brad Wolaver, sustainability coordinater, said the teams were paired with a challenge they were interested in. The teams were paired with a mentor in a community that was an expert in that topic. They were then asked to design a solution to that challenge by taking the One Planet Living Principle and localizing it so that it applies to the local community.

Kakabadse, president of WWF, said she wants other colleges to act on this because it allows “connectivity between cultures and experiences and people.” She said it also helps to learn about what other colleges are doing. Kakabadse felt the solutions of the three themes are much needed in today’s society.

“The three themes are not only achievable, but necessary and urgent to work on,” Kakabadse said.

For the full story of the session, check out The Journal’s next print edition on Nov. 14.

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