Officer’s Summit, SGA choose Delegate’s Agenda

Dana Gruber, senior psychology major, votes for her top five campus issues at the Officer's Summit on Sept. 16. PHOTO BY BRITTANY RUESS

Parking, transportation and campus dining are just a few complaints Webster students made known to the Student Government Association (SGA).

Leaders of student organizations and clubs gathered together for an officer’s summit Friday, Sept 16. to propose solutions to these problems, and to comprise the delegate’s agenda.

The agenda consists of the top five issues students at Webster and SGA want to see solved.

On Oct. 4, selected officers of student organizations will present these problems before administration, who will then decide how to support these causes.

Along with students’ complaints, officers brought up other issues they feel should be part of the agenda.

The topics for this delegate’s agenda are as follows:

Sustainability: using a renewable energy source different from what Webster is currently using.

Transportation: a shuttle that takes students from the nearest Metrolink station to Webster.

— Integration of the Conservatory with the rest of campus: more communication and interaction between the Conservatory and other departments on campus.

Dissemination of information: Webster releasing information regarding campus matters and procedures on a regular basis.

— Dining: More of a nutritious selection and extended hours at dining locations.

Webster Students for Environmental Sustainability (WSES) proposed three issues that made the delegate’s agenda.

Kris Parsons, vice president of WSES and human rights major, said a meeting was held for her club and others to discuss what issues they found most important.

“I think it was really the first time that any student organization really tried to plan a campaign to get their issue on the board,” Parsons said.

Parsons said about 20 other student leaders from different organizations met together and talked about issues they thought appropriate for the agenda.

“The three issues that had the most traction last night (at the meeting) also turned out to have the most traction today,” Parsons said. “I think this will probably be a trend that we will see in the future; more student organizations preparing campaigns for delegate’s agenda.”

Ted Hoef, associate vice president and Dean of students said he enjoys watching students decipher problems on campus and solve them.

“You love to see this because people see things that they’d want to make better,” Hoef said. “They are finding creative solutions.”

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