Student leaders choose issues for Fall Delegate’s Agenda

Dana Gruber, senior psychology major, votes for her top five campus issues at the Officer's Summit on Sept. 16. PHOTO BY BRITTANY RUESS

Student leaders chose their top five issues today at the Officer’s Summit. The summit was held at 12:30 p.m. in the Sunnen Lounge. The top five issues are as follows:

1. Sustainability

Using different energy sources is a priority for the majority of campus organizations, as the issue had the most votes.  Webster Students for Environmental Sustainability (WSES) suggested that instead of using coal for Webster’s main energy source, wind should be used.

2. Transportation task force

A shuttle that carries students from the closest metro-link to Webster was suggested. This would be a help to commuter students, and also decrease the difficulty finding parking spots on campus.

3. Integration of the Conservatory Theatre of Arts

Club leaders discussed the void between the conservatory with the rest of campus. They feel conservatory students are not involved with campus activities and are seeking ways to bring both conservatory students and students from other departments together.

4. Dissemination of information

Better interdepartmental communication is a goal of club leaders. Many think different departments don’t know the procedures of other departments, leaving students poorly informed and unaware. Also, club leaders want to be updated on a regular basis regarding campus issues.

5. Dining issues

More healthy and nutritious food options were suggested, as well as installing later dining hours. They feel as college students who keep late hours, Marletto’s and the University Center should be open later so they can stay on campus and eat instead of leaving.

These issues will be presented to the administration on Oct. 4.

Updates will become available as they are known.

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