VIDEO UPDATE: Webster University 9/11 Trees Replanted


Four Yoshino cherry trees were originally planted to remember three Webster University alumni and one student who died during the 9/11 attacks.

However, two of the trees died and were removed due of lack of nutrition and another was then removed to make room for the new business building parking lot. Three new cherry trees have recently been replanted alongside the one original remaining tree.
Local garden consultant Matt Stephens does not agree with decision to replant the 9/11 memorial Yoshino cherry trees in nearly the same location as before.

[pullquote] “Concrete and bricks pull in a lot of heat and in turn the ground is extremely dry around those areas making it very hard for trees like the Yoshino Cherry tree to survive.”[/pullquote]

Stephens said it is not impossible for the trees to survive next to the bookstore, although they will just need a lot of watering and attention from the university.

“You can’t just sprinkle these trees with water you have to really get down in there and soak them,” Stephens said.

The trees have mulch around them, which he said is great for support and holding in moisture, which increases the importance of soaking the trees when you water them. Without proper soaking, water does not actually get to the roots of the tree, which will cause them to dry out and die due to lack of nutrition.

The original story and video can be seen here:

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