December 2, 2020

VIDEO: Webster University Offers Free Metro Passes as Major Parking Lot Closes for Homecoming Carnival

Lot H, or better known as the UC parking lot, will be closed Thursday September 22nd thru Sunday September 25th 2011 due to the homecoming carnival. This puts a real damper on an already limited parking availability here at Webster University. To help commuter students make it to classes on Thursday and Friday, free bus passes are now made available at the UC information center. The passes work for the MetroBus and the MetroLink alike. The passes will be good for this Thursday and Friday only.


The university is also providing a free shuttle service that will run from 7am to 10pm Thursday and Friday from Deer Creek Plaza to Emerson Library for students and faculty.

[pullquote]“We thought this up in order to help provide parking for students while the lots are closed” – Erin King Sergeant in Arms for SGA[/pullquote]

To get the free bus pass all you have to do is ask for it at the University Center information center.  You will have to fill out a sheet with your name and student number to receive the free pass.

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