VIDEO: 9/11 Memorial Cherry Trees to be Replanted this Week


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Webster University planted four Yoshino cherry trees to remember three Webster alumni and one student who died during the September 11 attacks, but now only one tree remains.The trees are scheduled to be replanted this week in the location between the university book store and the new parking lot. As long as everything goes to plan this will allow the trees to be back in place in plenty of time for the 10 year remembrance of the September 11 attacks. The plaque that commemorates the alumni and student will remain on the wall of the parking garage where it has always been.



Why the trees were moved

One of the factors why the trees were removed was the building of the new business school parking lot, but it certainly was not the main reason. Originally the trees were planted between the parking garage and a three story house which use to stand where the parking lot is now. The trees had been planted too close to the buildings and all of them suffered; one of them died and had to be removed about two years ago. Only one of the three trees remaining is doing well enough to remain planted in its current location.

When the plans for the new parking lot were made, David Stone, director of facilities planning and management for the Webster Groves main campus, made sure they planned for the trees to be put in a better place. This new location, which is only a few feet closer to the street than the old one, is supposed to be to allow the Yoshino cherry trees to flourish simply by being in more direct sunlight then they were before.

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