VIDEO: Webster University Music Department Hosts 9/11 Memorial Concert


On the 10-year anniversary of September 11, the Webster University Music Department held its first concert of the semester in a cathedral downtown, in remembrance of the attacks in 2001. The concert served to allow people to reflect and recall their feelings in a solemn setting.

The Music Department's Concert was held at Christ Church Cathedral

“I think of the first responders and their ultimate commitment.” Webster University President Beth Stroble said. “You realize how they have made such an unusual commitment for the community. A commitment that you hope we can make for each other.“

The concert featured musical selections as well as readings by different individuals. Chair of the Music Department, Jeffrey Carter, said the goal of the concert was to allow “music to do what words can not.” “Music reaches the soul and the emotions in a different way,” Carter said.“Through song, we’re hoping that we might, in some way, help people remember, contemplate and perhaps heal a little bit.”


The concert had been in the works for over a year. Carter said because the music department holds concerts regularly during the school year on Sunday, which made it an easy decision to do a 9/11 memorial concert.

[pullquote]Through song, we’re hoping that we might, in some way, help people remember, contemplate and perhaps heal a little bit. -Jeffrey Carter [/pullquote]

“Eighteen months ago, I knew that there would be a big anniversary and low and behold, it happens to be on a weekend and on a Sunday,” Carter said. “So we chose to have the very first concert for the Department of Music for Fall 2011 be a tenth anniversary concert, commemorating and remembering the events of 9/11.”

The concert was held at Christ Church Cathedral in downtown St. Louis. Stroble talked about how happy she was with Webster’s being involved during the anniversary of the attacks.

Jeffrey Carter performs at Webster University Music Department's 9/11 concert

“It’s wonderful that the Webster University Music Department put this together,” Stroble said. “It’s a really touching idea to have spoken word and the music. So, I’m proud of Webster.

Stroble reflected on the events of 9/11 and spoke about how Webster University as a global community needs to look at the larger picture and how it has been changed.

“I think it’s a call for us at Webster to remember and understand that those events touched people in different ways,” Stroble said. “The commonality for us is that each human being seeks to be accepted and understood.”

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