Fall Delegates’ Caucus presents 10 issues to student body


The Delegate’s Agenda Caucus has generated 10 proposals that will now be voted on. Undergraduate and graduate students from the Webster Groves Campus will vote on what five topics will be presented at the Fall 2015 Delegate’s Agenda.

The topics up for voting are,

  • Public Course Evaluations: This proposes that course and teacher evaluations from previous semesters would be made available to students to look at before enrolling in classes
  • Security Cameras: This proposal is for more security cameras in the Garden Park Plaza, Parking Garage, parking lots and other areas.
  • Interfaith Space: This space would be created or designated for students, faculty, staff and student organizations to use on the Webster Groves main campus.
  • Smoking Policy: This proposes to review the current smoking policy and how it is being enforced to match with current trends and legislation.
  • Budget Student Employment: This would be a review on the university budget and an attempt to create more budget positions for student employment.
  • Fresher Food Options: This proposes to provide fresher food at on-campus dining, including fresh meats, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Recreational Lounge Space: This proposal is for the designation or creation of a non-athletic recreational space. This space would include comfortable seating, video games, televisions and other social activities.
  • Re-Purpose University Center Pool: This proposes to either completely re-use the University Center Pool area for something else, or by adding options to the existing space.
  • Student Communication Plan: This would be a creation of a comprehensive communication plan to let students know about events, important updates and other information. This would be done through an email newsletter or other electronic ways.
  • Food Option in Webster Hall: This proposes to provide additional food options in Webster Hall, in addition to the vending machines already there.

The presentations for the top five topics will take place Tuesday, Oct. 6 at 3 p.m. in the University Center Sunnen Lounge.

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