Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Editorial: Campus blackout shows Webster’s need for communication improvements

Feb. 21, Webster University experienced a power outage due to an off-campus fire that caused an Ameren UE power failure for several parts of...

Editorial: How The Journal protects its sources

The Journal Editorial Board seeks to inform its readership of the various options its interview participants have to protect themselves as a source. In this piece, they explain anonymity and on- and off- the record sourcing.

Editorial: Bonuses and raises for administrators send the wrong message

College administrations earn large salaries and get large bonuses. That is the standard for those jobs, and proportionate to the amount of responsibility that...

Editorial: Students should care about SGA elections

In the upcoming Student Government Association (SGA) election, many candidates are running unopposed. In fact, nine of the 13 SGA positions are filled with...

Ferguson isn’t over

It’s The Journal's duty as a newspaper to circulate local and relevant issues—and Ferguson continues to be both of these.

Editorial: Webster must take action on parking

The parking situation since the construction of the Interdisciplinary Science Building has kicked off is unacceptable and needs to be remedied as soon as...

Teeth Grinding: The tale of financial aid woes

When heading to the financial aid office, the mission is clear: get in and get out. Students don’t want to think about how many times they’ve been to the office or steam might come out of their ears. The main thought is that this time, things will be better and this time, it will be effortless. That’s when the ball drops.