Wednesday, February 1, 2023
Gorlok Fundraiser

WU should plan for shortfalls like annual events

When the university sees shortfall making an annual appearance on their calendars, they need to plan for another — not hope the next year will somehow be different.

Administration stands with students’ rights

The administration's neutral presence at the campus protest Dec. 2 fostered a safe environment for students and their expression of free speech.

Less talk, more action on zoning

If Webster Groves and Webster University agree moving forward is the best course of action, they need to start helping the council — not hindering them.

Editorial: Furthering the discussion on sexual assault

The Journal will strive over the next year to cover the issue of sexual assault as the discussion moves forward in our government and on Webster’s campus.
metro probs

Editorial: Journal endorses Dolan’s Metro investment

The Journal supports District 5 County Council Candidate Patrick Dolan's policy on public transportation. We believe an investment to improve the Metro's accessibility would especially benefit Webster students.

Editorial: How The Journal protects its sources

The Journal Editorial Board seeks to inform its readership of the various options its interview participants have to protect themselves as a source. In this piece, they explain anonymity and on- and off- the record sourcing.

Teeth Grinding: The tale of financial aid woes

When heading to the financial aid office, the mission is clear: get in and get out. Students don’t want to think about how many times they’ve been to the office or steam might come out of their ears. The main thought is that this time, things will be better and this time, it will be effortless. That’s when the ball drops.