Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Students should be insulted by the administration’s response to the Delegates’ Agenda issues

This semester, the administration did all but answer the Delegates’ Agenda concerns and requests. Presentation after presentation, members of Webster’s administration filed up in...

Editorial: assault prevention course found ineffective

The number of undergraduate students who took Webster University’s required online sexual assault prevention course is pathetic, but not surprising. Dean of Students Ted Hoef...

The shot heard ’round the newsroom

By Jessica Karins Live television has always been a medium where anything can happen, and on Wednesday, perhaps more vividly and violently than ever, one...

Red light cameras, please go away

On Aug. 18, the Missouri Supreme Court ruled red light cameras “unconstitutional,” according to Fox 2. If you are like me, you are a...

The Journal’s awards throughout the past year

The Journal took home awards from the Region 7 Society of Professional Journalists conference and Missouri College Media Association for work published during 2014.

Three Webster elite snag a cumulative $195,000 in bonuses

Newly-released tax documents reveal the salaries and bonuses of Webster's upper administration.
"A Rape on Campus"

Rolling Stone and journalist integrity

The Journal plans to learn from Rolling Stone's mistakes.

Ferguson isn’t over

It’s The Journal's duty as a newspaper to circulate local and relevant issues—and Ferguson continues to be both of these.

Webster should invest in student sexual health services

Sexual health is vital to students’ well-being, as well as their academic performance. The Journal believes it is Webster’s responsibility to provide quality access to these services.

The Journal stands with WU adjuncts

The Journal fully supports adjunct professors' efforts to unionize.

Speak up for student democracy

As the setting of the Delegates' Agenda approaches, The Journal encourages our readers to vote in the ongoing survey. We look forward to reporting on the issues presented and hearing students’ thoughts on them.

The Journal awaits Obama’s College Promise

The Journal supports Obama's free community college plan and questions why it did not come sooner.
Gorlok Fundraiser

WU should plan for shortfalls like annual events

When the university sees shortfall making an annual appearance on their calendars, they need to plan for another — not hope the next year will somehow be different.

Administration stands with students’ rights

The administration's neutral presence at the campus protest Dec. 2 fostered a safe environment for students and their expression of free speech.

Less talk, more action on zoning

If Webster Groves and Webster University agree moving forward is the best course of action, they need to start helping the council — not hindering them.

Editorial: Furthering the discussion on sexual assault

The Journal will strive over the next year to cover the issue of sexual assault as the discussion moves forward in our government and on Webster’s campus.