Wednesday, March 29, 2023

The Journal’s awards throughout the past year

The Journal took home awards from the Region 7 Society of Professional Journalists conference and Missouri College Media Association for work published during 2014.

Editorial: Cutting students activities the wrong answer to Webster’s financial problems

With the revelation of Webster’s fourth consecutive shortfall, it is more important now than ever that Webster and its administration stick to a promise it made to its students during this year’s spring convocation: keep students’ best interests in mind. Webster students’ best interests are not the cutting of academic and extracurricular programs they came to Webster for.
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The sad irony of it all

For someone who has downplayed the virus and used it as a tool for political division, it is no wonder President Donald Trump tested...

Teeth Grinding: The tale of financial aid woes

When heading to the financial aid office, the mission is clear: get in and get out. Students don’t want to think about how many times they’ve been to the office or steam might come out of their ears. The main thought is that this time, things will be better and this time, it will be effortless. That’s when the ball drops.

Webster should invest in student sexual health services

Sexual health is vital to students’ well-being, as well as their academic performance. The Journal believes it is Webster’s responsibility to provide quality access to these services.

Less talk, more action on zoning

If Webster Groves and Webster University agree moving forward is the best course of action, they need to start helping the council — not hindering them.
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Journalists need to do better

Journalists, and the internet, need to stop bringing the underage children of political figures into the fight. We must start considering the ethics of...

It’s time to decolonize yoga

To my white friends who wish to continue practicing yoga, I encourage visiting the site to learn specific methods on how to decolonize...
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Editorial: Journal endorses Dolan’s Metro investment

The Journal supports District 5 County Council Candidate Patrick Dolan's policy on public transportation. We believe an investment to improve the Metro's accessibility would especially benefit Webster students.

Students should be insulted by the administration’s response to the Delegates’ Agenda issues

This semester, the administration did all but answer the Delegates’ Agenda concerns and requests. Presentation after presentation, members of Webster’s administration filed up in...

Our experience as journalists at a Trump rally

On Oct. 27, we attended President Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again rally in Murphysboro, IL. We did not attend as activists or even...

Final update for ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ won’t turn over a new leaf

If you enjoy “New Horizons,” I’m ecstatic that you’ve found joy in something I haven’t. For some players, the Oct. 15 Animal Crossing Direct broadcast...

Anxiety is crushing our fellow students, let’s help each other

During times like these it can feel as if “nothing is getting better,” but at the end of the day, we do have each...

People should stop criticizing Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X made a fantastic song while also saying a message that a lot of queer people can relate to. Lil Nas X recently...

‘Health begins in the soil’ at EarthDance farm

Tucked inside the suburbs of Ferguson, Missouri, lies the EarthDance Organic Farm School, the oldest organic farm west of the Mississippi River. These 14...

Editorial: Students should care about SGA elections

In the upcoming Student Government Association (SGA) election, many candidates are running unopposed. In fact, nine of the 13 SGA positions are filled with...