Muslims are marginalized as terrorists after a tragedy like Parkland

Religion does not determine terrorism.

Editorial: The Journal supports peaceful protests

The Journal newspaper is on board with peaceful protests of the Webster community

Editorial: The Journal looks forward to a positive relationship with PR

We, the editors of The Journal, are committed to reporting the complete truth. With a new, improved relationship with Global Marketing and Public Relations, we will better be able to serve you, our readers.

Editorial: Delegates’ Agenda restructure restricts student voices

Last semester, the Delegates’ Agenda took a hiatus to reorganize and improve the process of picking and addressing issues raised by students. The agenda...

Editorial: Bonuses and raises for administrators send the wrong message

College administrations earn large salaries and get large bonuses. That is the standard for those jobs, and proportionate to the amount of responsibility that...

Editorial: Webster must take action on parking

The parking situation since the construction of the Interdisciplinary Science Building has kicked off is unacceptable and needs to be remedied as soon as...

Editorial: Students should care about SGA elections

In the upcoming Student Government Association (SGA) election, many candidates are running unopposed. In fact, nine of the 13 SGA positions are filled with...

EDITORIAL: Smoking ban vote is good for students

The Journal’s Editorial Staff is torn on whether Webster University should be a smoke-free campus. What is clear is that the decision to put the policy to a vote, allowing students to have the final say, was a well-thought-out idea from Student Life and the Student Government Association, and they should be commended for that.

Editorial: Campus blackout shows Webster’s need for communication improvements

Feb. 21, Webster University experienced a power outage due to an off-campus fire that caused an Ameren UE power failure for several parts of...

Editorial: Cutting students activities the wrong answer to Webster’s financial problems

With the revelation of Webster’s fourth consecutive shortfall, it is more important now than ever that Webster and its administration stick to a promise it made to its students during this year’s spring convocation: keep students’ best interests in mind. Webster students’ best interests are not the cutting of academic and extracurricular programs they came to Webster for.

Students should be insulted by the administration’s response to the Delegates’ Agenda issues

This semester, the administration did all but answer the Delegates’ Agenda concerns and requests. Presentation after presentation, members of Webster’s administration filed up in...

Editorial: assault prevention course found ineffective

The number of undergraduate students who took Webster University’s required online sexual assault prevention course is pathetic, but not surprising. Dean of Students Ted Hoef...

The Journal’s awards throughout the past year

The Journal took home awards from the Region 7 Society of Professional Journalists conference and Missouri College Media Association for work published during 2014.

Three Webster elite snag a cumulative $195,000 in bonuses

Newly-released tax documents reveal the salaries and bonuses of Webster's upper administration.

Rolling Stone and journalist integrity

The Journal plans to learn from Rolling Stone's mistakes.

Ferguson isn’t over

It’s The Journal's duty as a newspaper to circulate local and relevant issues—and Ferguson continues to be both of these.

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