Thursday, December 1, 2022

Student Government makes 51 percent cut to club budgets

Webster Student Government Association (SGA) is cutting all student run organization’s budgets by 51 percent.

SGA has been great to me – and I hope it is for you...

This PSA was written by SGA Vice President Zoe Burton It is a wrap, folks. The 2017-18 Student Government Association (SGA) term is coming to...

SGA can benefit you and your voice matters

This PSA was written by SGA Vice President Zoe Burton The games have commenced, people. Candidates have submitted their applications, the polls are open and...

SGA working on new programs

This PSA was written by Vice President of SGA Zoe Burton Guess what is coming up, folks? Delegates Agenda. This means the administration is finally...

SGA is excited for Black History Month

Show your leadership by applying for SGA. We need you.

SGA Column: Get involved with SGA

Student Government Association Vice President Heather Hamilton will have a column every issue of The Journal about what is happening in SGA. There are many opportunities to get involved.

Delegates’ Agenda takes hiatus

Webster’s Student Government Association (SGA) announced the Delegates’ Agenda will take a hiatus during the spring semester to work on the format of the program.

City Council extends public hearing for institutions, specific information only

After a nearly month-long break from holding public hearings concerning educational rezoning ordinance 8851, the Webster Groves city council opened up the public hearing...

SGA elections being held through Thursday

Webster’s Student Government Association (SGA) is currently holding fall elections, which began Monday and will run through 11:59 p.m. on Thursday. Director of Student...

Ground broken on Garden Avenue crosswalk

Webster Groves broke ground on the Garden Avenue crosswalk, a project SGA has pushed for since Sept. 2013

Students decide topics for spring Delegates’ Agenda at SGA Officer’s Summit

Increased funding for student organization activities was the most voted for topic at the spring setting of the Delegates’ Agenda.

SGA president sworn in amidst miscoummunication

Katie Maxwell was sworn in as president after "major miscommunication" between the executive board led to question as to how the president would be chosen.

SGA President Michael Grosch resigns to study abroad

Webster Student Government Association President Michael Grosch resigned from the presidency on Tuesday, Dec. 9 due to his plans to study abroad during 2014.

Webster billboard sparks open forum from SGA

Student Governance Association is set to host an open-forum between students and the marketing department.

SGA plans to modify constitution before spring semester

Student Government Association (SGA) President Michael Grosch is looking to modify the SGA constitution before he leaves to study abroad next semester. As part...

SGA comptroller steps down after two weeks in office

SGA Comptroller Taylor Sneed resigned on Oct. 29. She is the second person to resign from the position this year.