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This PSA was written by Vice President of SGA Zoe Burton

Guess what is coming up, folks? Delegates Agenda. This means the administration is finally going to be bringing answers and solutions to the things you all expressed in the survey at the beginning of the school year. Delegates present on Wednesday, April 11 in the University Center’s Sunnen Lounge from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. This year there are five committees: Academic Programs, Athletics, Communications, Finance and Housing. Each committee will be coming forward with solutions to each of the problems presented in the student led presentations at the beginning of the year. The event is open to everyone and students are encouraged to attend.

The Student Government Association (SGA) was able to get five free laptops for the potential laptop lending program they want to sponsor. SGA President Vasif Durarbayli said that the only issue SGA is facing with furthering the program is determining who will handle the renting and lending process. They have a place to store the laptops and hope that once solutions come for the main issue, they can purchase more laptops for students to borrow that do not have one already accessible to them.

The Hammock Project just progressed a step further. On Tuesday, March 27 during the SGA working session, Student Liaison Aathif Shamail reported that Webster University’s Provost Dr. Julian Z. Schuster gave support to the project after a meeting between the two, along with SGA President Durarbayli. Next, Shamail plans on meeting with Webster Facilities to start discussion about the next phases of the project. Surprisingly, the Student Grant Fund Committee did not have any applicants to come forward this week. However, applications and funds are still available to be submitted for approval.

In other news, SGA plans to utilize an estimated amount of $2,500 to purchase promotional items. Chair of the the Promotional Items Committee Katie Stevens, along with two other SGA members proposed the purchase of pens, bags, water bottles, laptop stickers and cell phone wallets. The items they get will be used to be distributed throughout the year at different events SGA hosts or is a part of. With that being said, SGA is working vigorously to get more done before the term is out and a new SGA administration comes in. SGA 2018-19 applications are available online if you are interested in applying.

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