Students socialize at Karaoke Night & Headphone Disco


On Aug. 24 and 25, Sunnen Lounge bustled with students enjoying music, singing and dancing. Campus Activities’ Karaoke Night and Headphone Disco events saw many students, new and returning, getting involved and meeting new people. The two events revolved around socializing with others.

Students who attended Karaoke Night could sing a solo or duo, sing along in the audience or dance. Student Event Coordinator Selina Shakya said the goal of the karaoke event was to encourage students to show their different potentials and connect with one another.

“They might not be singing majors, but they might be very good singers. This gives them an opportunity to express that other side of them,” Shakya said.

To participate, students wrote their song request on a sheet of paper and were given a microphone as well as provided with the music and lyrics via a projector. Everyone was encouraged to sing along with the karaoke.

“They’re all going to be standing so everyone can sing, it’s not just the person whose song request it is,” Shakya said. “Suppose it’s as simple as ‘Love Story’ by Taylor Swift, everyone knows that song by heart, so everyone can sing out that song.”

Photo by Morgan Smith. Students singing and dancing to Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years” during Karaoke Night on Aug. 24.

Shakya said the Headphone Disco had a similar goal: to encourage students to express themselves and be involved in campus life. While each person had their own individual headphones, students were still joining others in dancing, even if they were not listening to the same music.

For Webster junior Dallas Rader, the camaraderie at the event was refreshing.

“It’s like you’re in your own little world, and it’s just people jamming, and people you don’t even talk to will come up to you and dance with you, and I think it’s very inclusive in that way,” Rader said. “I would highly recommend people branch out and go to events, even if you don’t think you’d like it.

Student Event Coordinator Timothy Wilks said Campus Activities brings these events to students so they can make friendships and have a better campus life experience. These events serve as a way for freshmen and newcomers to meet and mingle with others.

“No one wants to be on their own, especially if you’re coming from far,” Wilks said. “I think having people you can count on or making new friendships is what college life is really about.”

Freshman Amira Brooks came to the Headphone Disco with some friends she has made at Webster. She said she went to as many Welcome Week activities as she could.

“I feel like people should just be involved,” Brooks said. “We’re here to have a good time, there’s no point in feeling like you’re being excluded from anything, because we all just got here.”

The turnout for the Headphone Disco and Karaoke Night exceeded Campus Activities’ expectations. Shakya said the organization is excited about how engaging this semester’s freshmen are.

“The freshmen are really just packing in and contributing to the campus life, which is great to see, really,” Wilks added. “Everyone’s vibing, jamming and getting into the college spirit, especially after the pandemic.”

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