Brief: Trixie Mattel comedy show canceled


Webster University is working to reschedule Trixie Mattel’s visit, but a new date has not been released.

Trixie Mattel was scheduled to perform a  night of music and comedy at Webster  University on  Oct.  27.  The event was unexpectedly canceled due to an emergency surgery that Mattel had to receive for her appendix.

“My appendix basically imploded  on  the  airplane  and I  had  to  get  it  removed  at  St. Mary’s  St.  Louis,”  Mattel said. “I am so disappointed but I will be back.”

According to the university, a reschedule date is in progress but has not been announced. This event was in replacement of a  previous unforeseen cancellation of comedian Nicole Byer.

Byer was set to host an event at  Webster on the same day,  Oct.  27,  but the university announced that the event would not be taking place. It was said that there is also a reschedule date.

Although both events fell through,  the university is still working to provide the Webster campus with a fun event for students and staff to attend.

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