Brief: Student vaccination status


Overall, 72% of students have received an exemption or submitted proof of vaccination to Webster University.

On Sept. 28, an update regarding Webster University’s COVID-19 vaccination requirement for students appeared at the top of the Office of Student Affairs’ Newsletter. John Buck, dean of students, signed the message.

In the statement, Buck wrote that 72% of students – 81% of students who live on campus – had either received a religious or medical exemption or submitted proof of vaccination to the university.

To further ensure students are vaccinated against COVID-19, Buck wrote that the university will “determine a progressive series of remedies and sanctions.” First, however, Buck said the Office of Student Affairs would reach out to students who have not submitted proof of vaccination yet.

“While this is a high percentage, it still means we have work ahead to ensure everyone complies with this important requirement,” Buck wrote in the newsletter.

The statement noted that the applications for exemptions – which were due on Aug. 16 – will not be accepted.

Students who still need to submit proof of vaccination for COVID-19 can do so by going to

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