Student Government Association results


Webster’s Student Government Association (SGA) elections came to a close on April 16.

The results are as followed:

Hannah Jirousek is the new president with 96.5% of the 168 votes cast.

Fahima Band Ali is vice president with 50.68% of votes cast.

Ambassador for Diversity and Inclusion is Khyree Plair, with 78.19% of the votes.

Blain McVey will remain as comptroller with 99.31% of the votes.

Hannah Myers is secretary with 100% of the 168 votes.

Sergeant-at-Arms is Blake Browning with 99.25% of votes cast.

McKaylah Bell is the Student Organization Liason with 84.17% of the votes. 

Senators for the College of Arts and Sciences are Conrad Powell and Maria Walls.

The George Herbert Walker School of Business and Technology will be represented by Aariq Clark, with another senator position awaiting acceptance from a write-in candidate.

Copper Petermeier and Sammy Wood will represent the Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts.

The School of Communications senators are Jasmine Willis and Drew Edelstein.

The senator for the School of Education is pending acceptance.

There were no clear winners for graduate student senators.

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