Meet the candidates of the upcoming Student Government Association election


The Student Government Association (SGA) will be hosting elections the week of April 13. SGA is still looking for applicants for the George Herbert Walker School of Business and Technology and the School of Fine Arts.

The Student Government Association (SGA) will host online elections on April 13. Candidates include familiar faces such as Sarah Hill and Jessica Battle. Newcomers have also entered the race like Garrett Dohlke, Hannah Myers and Nicholas Gallagher. Primary issues for the nominees include funds to help deal with COVID-19 aftermath and creating a more cohesive community for Webster students.

SGA is still looking for applicants for senators of the schools of business and fine arts.

Read the intent to run and goals of each candidate here by clicking on the “View 2020-21 candidates” button and vote on April 13. 

All summaries below are provided by the candidate information linked above. Students will be able to vote through Involved@Webster accessible through Connections. The site will have a “Vote” button where students can cast their ballot. Students can also write-in candidates.

Candidates for president

Sarah Hill, sophomore, Political Science major

Sarah Hill in August 2019 switching her placard from “Vice President” to “President.”

Hill hopes to continue her presidency from the past year of service. She wants to establish an emergency fund for students who may struggle with traveling during holiday breaks or emergency situations. Included in her goals are increasing student awareness of SGA and making information more accessible through social media and newsletters.

Candidates for vice president

Jessica Battle, senior, Biological Sciences major

Battle also hopes to support students dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. She also wants to encourage student feedback and prioritize student voices. Along with this, the candidate wants to acknowledge the varying challenges of the diverse groups on campus. Battle wants to make the process clear and efficient on how to apply for the Student Grant Fund.

Candidates for comptroller

Erika Gavilanes, graduate student, master’s in Business Administration and Managerial Leadership

As current comptroller, Gavilanes hopes to continue the momentum she has set by continuing to make processes more efficient. Gavilanes wants to be an asset for the student body while being flexible and understanding of different clubs’ diverse needs. She also would like to keep campus inclusive and enrich diversity. Gavilanes also hopes to facilitate information and improve processes so clubs can have funding as quickly as possible.

Blain McVey, sophomore, History and Economics major

McVey wants to create a more spirited and inclusive environment on campus. Serving as an SGA senator helped him see how comptroller can influence student activities and clubs. McVey’s ideas include starting a workshop for training club leaders on the budgeting process both at the beginning and throughout the semester. He also would send email reminders to clubs so they can avoid penalties of turning budgets in late.

Candidates for Ambassador for Student Inclusion

Olatilewa Komolafe, graduate student, master’s in Advertising and Marketing

Komolafe hopes to become an aid in creating a welcoming environment at Webster University. She believes her skills allow her to create positive change for the diversity and inclusion of Webster’s campus.

Brian Barlay, graduate student, master’s in Managerial Leadership

Barlay wants to become a “connector” as Ambassador for Student Inclusion. He wants to connect students to resources and students to each other. He wants to help build a community through creating a platform. He also hopes to create a Student of Color Coalition with the help of SGA, Multicultural Center and International Student Affairs, and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

Candidates for Secretary

Unyimeabasi Etim, graduate student, MBA/MS Finance

Etim hopes to apply her organizational skills she has developed on and off-campus to the position of Secretary. Her motivation was the chance to advocate for the student body. She hopes to better advertise for SGA so students can learn and have their voices heard through the association. She plans to host events in order to do this. Another goal would be to organize and secure SGA files.

Idayat Oyeniyi, graduate student, master’s in Finance

Oyeniyi wants to be Secretary because she feels it presents a platform for student voices to be heard. She wants to make sure “student concerns that are not given enough attention will be considered and appropriate attention will be given as due.” She wants to make sure there is accurate recordkeeping. Oyeniyi also wants to foster cooperation, accountability and transparency between students and the school.

Liska Hromnak, sophomore, Elementary Education major

Hromnak has served three semesters as a senator for the School of Education. She believes this qualifies her as the best Secretary candidate. She wants to help maintain the organization of SGA and be an ambassador of the student government to the rest of the university. Her main goals are to get students more involved in campus activities and in government while also keeping students informed about SGA and what’s happening on campus.

Candidates for Sergeant-at-Arms

Elena Hook, junior, Business Administration major

Hook served as a senator for the George Herbert Walker School of Business and Technology before running for Sergeant-at-Arms. Her two primary reasons for running are to help improve the Webster University community for students and to uphold the Constitution. SGA changed the Constitution this year, so she feels the government needs someone to implement the changes effectively, like herself.

Candidates for Student Organization Liaison

Kezia Putri, senior, Finance major

Putri is hoping to continue her service as Student Organization Liaison. Within her past year, she saw a lack of communication, and she said she does not want that again. Putri wants to help organizations create more large-scale events to foster more involvement from students. Putri also wants to help keep organizations accountable for the funds they’ve spent, making sure they are efficient and effective in advertising their events. 

Candidates for Senator – College of Arts & Sciences

Hannah Jirousek, junior, International Relations major

Jirousek has served as a senator-at-large for the College of Arts & Sciences for the last year. She wants to continue this and push for community engagement and create a larger sense of community in the college. She also wants to help students get courses created that may not exist so they can pursue individual interests.

Brittany Garcia-Cortez, sophomore, International Relations major

Garcia-Cortez wants to be more involved at Webster. She also wants to bring student ideas to the forefront and hopes to do this by becoming a senator. Along with this, she wants to see organizations grow more through the help of SGA.

Candidates for Senator –  School of Education

Erin Meadows, graduate student, Master’s in Elementary Education

Meadows filled the position of senator in spring of 2020 and wants to continue as a senator for the School of Education. They want to represent the student voices in the department of education while also bringing a graduate student perspective. Meadows plans to collaborate with graduate and undergraduate students and university professors to provide professional development opportunities, support student needs and contribute to Webster’s community. Recognizing the impact of COVID-19 on the student body is also an issue for Meadows. They aim to advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion as a Student Government Senator. 

Candidates for Senator –  School of Communications

Mckaylah Bell, junior, Public Relations major

Bell hopes to become more involved with Webster through becoming a senator. She wants to improve both the School of Communications and Webster. She wants to make the student body more tight-knit as well.

Garrett Dohlke, sophomore, Sports Communication major

Dohlke also wants to be more involved on campus and create a community within the school of communications. Dohlke also hopes to improve student life, specifically for those with disabilities and mental health issues.

Nicholas Gallagher; junior; Film, Television, and Video Production major

Gallagher is looking for additional leadership experience. He thinks he will do a good job representing transfer students and people who may have started college later in life.

Gallagher wants to raise awareness for mental health on campus. He also wants to increase student involvement with SGA because when he transferred, he said he didn’t know SGA existed.

Hannah Myers, sophomore, Media Communications major

Myers hopes to work as a liaison between students and the student government. She works as promotions director for the Galaxy Radio and feels connected to students already. She thinks she will be able to have a more powerful impact if she is able to work with other student leaders. Myers wants to make ethical, sustainable decisions rather than ones that will not withstand time. The candidate hopes to create a collaborative environment between government, students and the School of Communications.

Voting takes place on April 13 until through April 16 at 11:59 p.m.

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