Online school isn’t for everyone and that’s okay


In a time where things are so indefinite, one of the last things any of us want to worry about is school. To make it even harder, we are shoved into an online environment that a lot of us are unsure of. For me, it was still a hard transition even though I had been taking online classes for years. But the stress and complications that surrounded us in the outside world make it hard for even a seasoned online learner. The thing is, online school isn’t for everyone. Many people have struggled, and that’s okay.

An online environment is not an easy one to acclimate to; we can’t see our friends, our teachers, or even the people on campus. The forceful nature of the circumstances make things even more difficult. The good thing is, we will all make it to the end, regardless of what that may be. There is an end, and that is something to look forward to. We have all been through a very tumultuous time together, so we all know the struggles that are naturally occurring.

I know the days of the past seem so far and the days ahead seem so scary, but just as we have before, we will get through them together again. The pressures of today are crushing, but there will be liberation. In the meantime, normalize the idea that self-care is essential to longevity. There is no possible way we can continue to succumb to the pressures of being “on” constantly. As humans, we need to take care of our minds and our bodies. After a hard day, sometimes I just need to take a break and watch tv and do nothing else.

I know that sometimes I have to prioritize my mental health, even if that means taking a lesser grade. It took me a long time to come to terms with the fact that I needed to take care of myself in more ways than one.

Don’t be like me.

Take care of yourself now. Having a special treat, a nice takeout dinner, or even just playing games all night can benefit you. Self-care is one of the most integral parts of a healthy life, and now more than ever it is imperative.

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