Campus Activities puts on a TikTok talent show


Students, there is finally something to do besides lay in bed and do homework. Instead of aimlessly scrolling through TikTok and other social media feeds, Campus Activities introduced the TikTok Talent Show.

Emma Larson is a student event organizer for Campus Activities. When COVID-19 canceled the rest of the on-campus activities, the student organizers were left to brainstorm what they could bring to an online platform.

Larson said she thought it would be fun to have students submit their talents through TikTok.

“TikTok is super niche,” Larson said. “There’s something for everyone there. You can find science, baking or dance videos. There’s so much to do, and I just thought it’d be a good way to get students engaged.”

Larson has received submissions from a few students, such as Keshon Duke and Hayley Taylor. Duke used the app to create a bass version of Harry Styles’ song “Sunflower Vol. 6.” He found himself inspired by the musician’s style, fashion and music. When Styles’ new album dropped, Duke set out to find the best lines in the song to teach himself. When the Tik Tok talent show arrived, it gave Duke the opportunity to showcase what he’s learned.

“I honestly wanted something to do,” Duke said. “I wanted to have fun doing what I love and, hopefully, I get some recognition.”

Taylor joined the talent show after watching her younger sisters, Kirsten and Larissa, dance on the app while she recovered from ankle surgery.

“I left Webster before everyone did because of my surgery,” Taylor said. “So, this was a way to interact with my friends and show them how I’m doing in a funny way.”

The video features Taylor and her sisters performing one of the viral dances on the app. One of six kids, Taylor thought it would be a good way to bond with her sisters and not be bored during self-isolation. The sisters had to delete the video at least three times as they practiced to get it right.

“Quarantine can be very boring, so it’s something so easy and fun to do,” Taylor said. “It took maybe 30 minutes to an hour. So, if you want to, just do it. It’s a great way to interact with your classmates and it’ll be something funny when we all get back.”

Voting ends April 24 at 5 p.m. The winner gets a Bluetooth speaker. The current submissions can be found on Campus Activities’ social media accounts. Send submissions to or post it to a social media site and tag @GorlokCampusAct.

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