Thank You, Democrats


Bernie Sanders dropped out of the 2020 presidential election on April 8. American citizens are left to choose between two candidates accused of sexual assault and racism.

Upon reading the news on April 8, I was saddened to see that Bernie Sanders stopped campaigning for the presidential election of 2020. While coming to terms with what this meant for the election, I was overcome with anger more than anything else. Anger that Democrats have once again given me a reason to lose faith in politics.

Democrats were against Bernie from the get-go, which we can notice from the emails exchanged in the 2016 DNC scandal. This election is no different. Right before Super Tuesday, three popular moderate Democrats dropped out of the race, revealing a strategy to turn all the moderate votes to Biden by endorsing him. The cards were never really in Bernie’s favor, and now that he has officially stopped campaigning we are left to realize what our only options are..

We, as American citizens, are left to choose between two people who were both accused of sexual assault. We are left to choose between two people who do not want universal healthcare. We are stuck between two people who both engage in racism, whether it be covert or overt, and it was the Democrats that allowed this to happen.

This is the same party that is supposed to “believe women,” yet have selective hearing when it comes to the voice of Tara Reade. Reade came out accusing Joe Biden of sexual assault while she was staffing for him in the ‘90s. Since Reade has spoken she has received little publicity and it seems that the Democrats have not noticed. Despite the party’s criticism of Trump’s history of sexual assault accusations, they have yet to apply it to their own electors.

Now, sexual assault survivors cannot exercise their right to vote without acknowledging that if they do vote, either way they would be voting for an accused abuser. The ones who say “vote for the lesser of two evils” do not realize their privilege in saying that. These women are at risk for reliving their trauma by casting a vote, and moderate Democrats have turned a blind eye.

As moderate Democrats stay silent on the sexual assault allegation, they are also silent about Biden’s racism that has been portrayed on different occasions. Despite being the vice president to Obama, Biden has had his run-in with racism leading to the Democratic image of engaging in covert racism.

Biden was a fighter for mass incarceration in the ‘70s and ‘80s, which disproportionately targets black and brown folks as described by Michelle Alexander in her book “The New Jim Crowe.” Biden negated policies like forced busing and helped make the justice system more punitive. These policies reflect the covert racism that has gone on in the Democratic Party for a long time. Meanwhile, Bernie stayed walking in the streets to help fight for equal rights.

The Democrats shot themselves in the foot by pushing Biden so far. If Trump wins the next election, I am sad to say that I wouldn’t be surprised. Americans have been put in a sticky situation and for that matter, I would like to say thank you to the Democratic Party.

Thank you for helping me realize that you all would rather toss the election than let a progressive into office. Thank you for helping me come to terms with the fact that no matter what, this party will go for a covert racist rather than someone who stood with black folks marching in the streets. Thank you for telling me that moderate policies are more important than the voices of those who have been forced silent for so long. Thank you for certifying that the Democratic Party does not stand with sexual assault survivors. Thank you for giving me absolutely no hope for change regarding the two-party system.

There is no amount of sarcastic statements that could truly capture my disdain and disgust with the state of the Democratic Party.

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