Bernie Sanders wins Webster College Democrats mock election


It may have been a rough Super Tuesday for Senator Bernie Sanders, but he won big at Webster on March 3.

Blain McVey, president of the Webster University College Democrats (WUCD), hosted the second mock election of the year in the Sunnen Lounge on March 3. Taking place on Super Tuesday, a big day in politics due to the number of states voting in primary elections, Bernie Sanders won the WUCD votes.

Taking second place was Elizabeth Warren. No other candidate was considered viable, meaning no votes, by the end of the first round.

This election had nearly the opposite responses to the real elections taking place across the United States. Sanders won several states with Joe Biden ultimately having the bigger debates. Warren did not secure any wins of the night.

The results of Super Tuesday were as followed, provided by the Associated Press:

Alabama: 100% reporting – Joe Biden
Arkansas: 100% reporting –Joe Biden
California: 90% reporting – Bernie Sanders 
Colorado: 79% reporting – Bernie Sanders 
Maine: 98% reporting – Joe Biden
Massachusetts: 99% reporting – Joe Biden
Minnesota:100% reporting –Joe Biden
North Carolina: 100% reporting – Joe Biden
Oklahoma: 100% reporting – Joe Biden
Tennessee: 100% reporting – Joe Biden
Texas: 99% reporting – Joe Biden
Utah: 74% reporting – Bernie Sanders
Vermont: 100% reporting – Bernie Sanders
Virginia: 100% reporting- Joe Biden

Mike Bloomberg won the America Samoa but dropped out early this morning. WUCD hosted a watch party after their mock election. The students ate pizza and other snacks while watching the votes roll in. Missouri votes March 10.


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