Webster press presents centennial coffee table book


Among many Centennial events celebrating 100 years of Webster University, there is one tangible memory, something students, alumni, teachers, faculty and community members can hold on to forever.

“Webster University: A Century of Defining Moments” is a 300-page book commemorating the legacy of the school. This book is filled with words about the past, present and future of the school along with photographs of people enrolled today and some of the first students that walked on campus.

On Monday, October 5th, an event to celebrate the book will be held at 4 p.m. in the East Academic Building Edward Jones Commons. This event is open to students, faculty, staff and community members. Brief remarks will be made by the primary writer of the book, School of Communications Adjunct Professor David Lange, in addition to, University President Beth Stroble and Provost Julian Schuster.

“People can expect a very party-like atmosphere,” Webster University Press Editor Laura Rein said. “Most of it will be enjoying food and drink and getting the book signed.”

The Centennial Book is split up into four sections which include:

  • “From Local College to Worldwide University” describes how Webster University started as a small, all-girls Catholic college and became a global university.
  • “A Distinctive Approach to the Educational Experience” shows the different academic opportunities available at Webster and how those opportunities have affected students.
  • “An Enduring Spirit of Caring and Inclusiveness” gives an overview of Webster’s dedication to diversity, community, service and sustainability.
  • “A Visionary Plan for the Future” helps to develop a plan for future development and growth at Webster University.

“We proposed that we would publish a coffee table book–highly illustrated–three years ago,” Rein said. “We went through different iterations. It started out as stories and we didn’t feel like we were really capturing this incredible, complex institution–there’s really nothing else like it. So we decided to do defining moments and we decided not to organize it strictly chronological because it just didn’t get the impact.”

Along with David Lange and additional writer Patricia Corrigan, there were three editors: Rein, Associate Dean Eileen Condon, and Instruction & Liaison Services Librarian Kathy Gaynor.

The book can be purchased for $40 at the event on October 5th, in the school bookstore, or in the school library. Students also have the ability to check out the book through the school library.

“It is a fascinating story and if I had the chance to go back when I was an undergraduate–if my institution was turning 100–and purchase a 300 page book for $40, I would,” Rein said.

In a press release about the event, President Beth Stroble was quoted saying, “Webster University’s story is as compelling today as it was in 1915. The stories of defining moments in Webster’s history help us celebrate the resilience and courage that has characterized this community throughout our first century. At the same time, our Centennial year and this publication point to the global impact Webster seeks in our next century.”

“Webster University: A Century of Defining Moments” and the event being held on October 5th will celebrate the legacy of Webster University.
“Just appreciate the nuances and the complexity and the enduring values that have caused a century of activity,” Rein said. “There is still that core of commitment to higher education and to social justice.”

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