Letter to the editor: Students don’t speak up about ADP, they grumble


Contributed by Zeke Spellazza, Management major

To all those who had it within their power to be at the ADP Forum on March 6 at 1 p.m. in the Sunnen Lounge but opted out, I write to you.

Since the first week  Automatic Data Processing (ADP) system was introduced, I have heard more negative complaints about it than constructive criticism. As a result, I could barely contain my disappointment when all those who grumbled could not find time to describe their troubles to an attentive board of individuals who helped implement ADP.

As a student of Webster University, I felt it was my duty to put my body where my mouth could be heard. This school belongs to all of us: students, faculty and staff alike. Here at Webster we are supported, expected to speak our minds and allowed to make those crucial stands against what we feel is unfair or unacceptable.

Furthermore, in a school that promotes diverse opinions and strives to make sure every student has an avenue to get involved, why did so few come forth to explain their issues with the ADP? What happened, Webster? Are the problems only important enough to whine to your coworkers or friends? Is that the extent of your input into the school’s progress?

Be present in what you stand for, and don’t hype up an issue that means very little to you just to rattle the cage. I ask all Webster University affiliates to take a moment to really think about what is an issue to you. If you see one, act on it and try to fix it. Don’t just grumble about it.

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