Letter from the Editor: A Fresh Start for Webster Students


Ah, the start of another new school year. From The Journal office, I can already see students rushing around, trying to finalize their schedules and buy their books. The New Student Orientation Leaders and Resident Assistants bustle around campus, preparing to greet incoming freshmen and transfer students in the best way possible.
At your student newspaper, things are no different. We are excited to have a new year ahead of us, full of people to meet and stories to write. As Editor-in-Chief of The Journal, I can assure you I am just as nervous as you “freshies” here for the first time with loads of opportunities in front of you.
This is a year of change for us, too. Last semester we launched a new website, websterjournal.com. This semester, we hope to develop this site into the best possible source of information and entertainment for Webster University. We will be integrating as many exciting multimedia features as possible.
We have several new editor positions, poised to serve the campus by bringing you more pictures, more videos and more breaking news stories. In short, we want to be your first source for campus news.
We also have new policies in place to ensure accuracy and professional conduct in every story we publish. We are students, just like you, and we’re not perfect.  Our mistakes may be public, but that doesn’t mean we don’t privately scrutinize each and every one. But, we promise to learn from our mistakes and give you a publication that we are proud of.
The Journal is, above all, YOUR student newspaper. If you have any questions or opinions, drop by our office in Sverdrup, Room 247.
If you have any story ideas, send us an email at wujournal@gmail.com or call us directly at 314-246-7088. We love getting outside commentary and letters to the editor—both positive and negative feedback is greatly appreciated.
In the months ahead, I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors here at Webster University, and I hope to see you reading your weekly Journal when I pass you in the halls.  Welcome to 2011-12, Webster!

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