Letter to the editor: solar energy at Webster University


Contributed by Joseph Strong, Mass Communications major

Over break I saw a picture on Facebook of solar panels being installed on the roof of Maria Hall. I have braced myself for what I can only assume will be the student backlash of university spending. I feel torn on this slightly.

Obviously I have an issue with “frivolous spending” (for example, the giant chandelier in the East Academic Building, or the flat screens in the walls, or the signs on the east side of the building that say “Parking for Zero Emission Vehicles” that everyone ignores). But I digress; I can get behind adding greener things to campus.

While I hate putting financial reasons first, I feel like that is what most people will prioritize (I hope I am wrong – if I am, please let me know). Any addition to the school that will either save, or even make the school money, I am more likely to get behind. In theory, that means either cheaper tuition (unlikely, I know) or more budgeting for repairs and student affairs.

I believe we are in the midst of the next great industrial revolution. In order to keep up with the times we must learn how to flourish on green energy as our grandparents and great-grandparents moved forward on coal and oil. Having an opportunity to learn on that here and now will put us ahead of people who graduated five years ago.

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