November 30, 2020

SGA comptroller steps down after two weeks in office

Student Government Association (SGA) Comptroller Taylor Snead resigned on Oct. 29, the second SGA comptroller to resign this year. Snead took on the role of comptroller two weeks ago after the former comptroller, Jacob Kelleher, resigned.

Snead had already begun to carry out the duties of comptroller before she was sworn in on Oct. 15. At that time, Snead said she was getting adjusted to being with SGA again, and she was happy to be back.  Her resignation came hours before the next general body meeting, and was unexpected by the rest of SGA.  SGA President Michael Grosch said he wasn’t disappointed by Snead’s resignation and understood her personal responsibilities. Grosch said Snead had other responsibilities that she needed to sort out, and unfortunately those issues arose two weeks after she accepted the position.  Snead declined to comment on her resignation.

Snead said she struggled with a heavy workload last semester. Snead won the write-in vote last year, this caused her to question whether accepting the position again would cause the same problems.  In the days leading up to the Oct. 15 election, Snead said she was doing well as interim comptroller.  She said budgets were under control and all business affairs were on track, the same as last semester.

“I’m doing good, I feel pretty solid in my position,” Snead said.

In a previous interview Snead said she was confident and comfortable in accepting the role and duties of comptroller, despite her previous experience.

“I’m not currently seeing any issues or problems that I can’t handle,” Snead said.

Student Organization Liaison Alex Bonney said the comptroller position requires the most time and effort out of all of the SGA positions. Before Snead was officially elected, Bonney said he was confident Snead would be as successful in the position this semester as she was last semester.

Grosch said SGA plans to follow protocol for appointing a new comptroller. He will initially appoint a student to stand in as interim comptroller for the next two weeks. Grosch said there are currently no candidates for the position.  He said that until SGA selects a candidate, he will work with SGA members to complete unfulfilled duties.


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