December 5, 2020

SGA Sergeant-at-Arms steps down

Friday, Oct. 19, Student Government Association (SGA) Sergeant-at-Arms Tony Laurence stepped down from his position. Laurence has held the title since the beginning of the semester prior to being senator-at-large.

“I am a senior, so I have to focus on graduating and what I need to do after I graduate,” Laurence, political science major, said. “Although SGA was a great experience, focusing on SGA over my schoolwork isn’t going to help me graduate.”

In order to fill the position, The SGA is accepting applications for the position of sergeant-at-arms.

Applications will be reviewed but there will not be an election for the position.

“We won’t have an election, it’s an appointment because we just don’t have the time,” said Michael Grosch, SGA president. “If someone wants to put their name in the hat, they should fill out an application. John Ginsburg and I will review the applications.”

In the absence of the sergeant-at-arms, Grosch ran the Oct. 23 SGA general meeting.

Duties for the position include, but are not limited to, running general assembly meetings under appropriate procedure and acting as chair of the programming pool committee. Leaders of groups on campus present requests for funding to the programming pool committee and SGA members for approval or denial.

“I hope to receive at least 3 to 4 applications before we make our decision,” Grosch said. “If I don’t find a potential replacement soon enough, it will probably be a collaboration of me along with someone else running the meetings and program pool. I hope to get the position filled really soon.”

If you are interested in becoming sergeant-at-arms visit and fill out the application.

Editor’s Note: Tony Laurence is an editor at the Journal.

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