Letter to the Editor: Dedication to all of Webster University’s programs


by Barbara O’Malley 

In a guest commentary published by The Journal on April 9 from a Webster student entitled  “Webster administration’s arbitrary financial decisions need greater accountability,” there are inaccuracies and misunderstandings — too numerous to answer here. We in Administration, our faculty and our staff, celebrate and invest in Webster’s core values of students, learning, diversity and global citizenship — the very thread that binds us together generation after generation at Webster. We dedicate time, resources and activities to enable the many successes of our diverse faculty, staff, students and alumni around the world and you can read many of these stories online. I encourage you to visit www.webster.edu and read the stories on our homepage. Review the stories on our blog, Webster Today, accessible off the homepage. These stories reflect just a sampling of the hard work, dedication and commitment to academic excellence that happens every day on our campus locations around the globe. If the author of the commentary would like clarification on any of his allegations, I encourage him to contact me directly.

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