December 4, 2020

Webster University students forgo travel plans, spend Thanksgiving away from families

By Prudence Bickhaus and Olivia Heibeck

Scott Lunte, freshman, said he prefers having fall break to a whole week off for Thanksgiving. PHOTO BY MACY SALAMA

Thanksgiving is a holiday usually spent with family, but this year many Webster University students will stay on campus. With only two days off classes means for some, traveling home is not an option.

Daniella Wheelock, freshman directing major in the conservatory, will not travel home for Thanksgiving.

“I’m not (going home) because I live in Southern California and I don’t have time to go home,” Wheelock said.

Many conservatory students like Wheelock will spend their break working on set and rehearsing for the upcoming show, “Yours, Anne.”

While the conservatory will rehearse and prepare for their show, the men’s and women’s basketball teams will have practice and preparing for their next game.

Due to practice, sophomore basketball player DeVon Haynes will not go home for Thanksgiving.

“I have practice over the break, so this year I cannot go and spend Thanksgiving with my family,” Haynes said. “I do not want to travel back and forth (during the holiday) and waste gas.”

Wheelock and Haynes both said they feel this Thanksgiving will be completely different without their families.

The students also expressed a desire for a longer Thanksgiving break.

“I like fall break, but I kind of want a longer Thanksgiving break,” Wheelock said. “Because then I could go home.”

Despite not being able to see their families, Wheelock still plans to enjoy her Thanksgiving break. She has made plans to visit relatives in Illinois and is excited to have the chance to visit with people she wouldn’t ordinarily see over the holiday.

Other nearby schools including Saint Louis University and Southeast Missouri State University have Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off for Thanksgiving break. University of Missouri uses Thanksgiving break as their fall break, allotting a whole week off from classes for students.

Not all students want more time off for Thanksgiving, though. Freshman Scott Lunte has a different opinion.

“I’d prefer fall break (over an extended Thanksgiving break) because there is just more time to spend with your family,” Lunte said. “In addition, you also have time off not doing anything for Thanksgiving.”


Lanay Glenn and Macy Salama also contributed to the story.

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