‘Loudass Party’ proves loud with no crowd


The “Loudass Party” certainly lived up to its name. The indoor speakers inside the dark WVA clubhouse drowned out most conversation, and the one outside flooded the WVA parking lot with bass-heavy club music, inviting anyone on campus Friday, Sept. 24 to come inside and check it out. All it lacked was the people.

Arwin Anwar, a sophomore audio production major, was the party’s DJ. The music was all on his laptop, and the equipment he used was a combination of media center rentals and his own.

“A couple of girls on the fourth floor (of Maria Hall) heard me playing some loud music and so they asked ‘How about doing a party?’” Anwar said.

The ladies who approached Anwar were senior photography major Britteny Henry, third year dance major Mershauna Clay and junior management major Tyeila Gant. They call themselves BMT Entertainment — Britteny, Mershauna and Tyeila. The Loudass Party is the first event they’ve put together.

“We just came up with a big idea and we went with it,” Gant said.

The party was originally supposed to be on the fourth floor of Maria hall, but was moved to the WVA so there would be more space. They advertised by word of mouth, Facebook and by posting flyers all over campus.

“We got in a little bit of trouble because we weren’t supposed to put up these flyers,” Henry said.

Even with the advertising and promise of free food, Henry, Clay and Gant did not get the turnout they expected. Throughout the night, small groups of students shuffled in and out. A few danced, but most headed straight for the free pizza, provided by BMT Entertainment.

“We need more people to come to Webster events,” Henry said. “It just seems like Webster kids don’t come out to stuff.”

Some students, such as Natalie Nash, a junior biology major, enjoyed the small party atmosphere. She heard about the event when she was asked to hand out advertisements in East Hall, and decided to check it out.

“This music seems non-typical of what is usually played and that just thrills me,” Nash said. “If I got a chance, I would definitely come again.”

Though the party pledged to go on until they were shut down, the BMT Entertainment ladies wrapped it up just before 11 p.m. Not discouraged, they said they would continue throwing random parties. They are planning a Halloween party for next month.

Loudass Party
Webster University students jam out to the loud music blaring in Maria Hall during the “Loudass Party” held Friday, Sept. 24.

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