October 30, 2020

Author: Eva Connors

Humans vs. Zombies rules and regulations

For one week, Webster University’s campus turned into a war zone. Students ran around campus wielding Nerf guns and socks, sporting bandanas around limbs to designate human status and around the head to indicate they’d been turned into a zombie.

Text Alerts: Too little, too late

Texting rocks. It’s one of my favorite technological advances. It’s easier to ask somebody a question via text message than call them and make awkward small talk. As the years go on, texting has become more and more useful. Businesses, organizations and events have started jumping on the text-info bandwagon.

Too big to fail

On a particularly pleasant afternoon, I was strolling down Lockwood Ave, taking in the scenery, when I saw it. It was oversized. It was ugly. It was obtrusive. It was a Hummer H2.