Saturday, April 10, 2021

Hayley’s House: “The call is coming from inside the house”- Liberals going against each...

When a liberal goes against another liberal instead of helping them, progress stays the same.

Hayley’s House: Average students are left behind in the public school system

Public high schools make students with low test scores feel isolated from essential opportunities

‘Oh the places you’ll go:’ International travel is a path to self-discovery

International travel and study abroad opens the door to self-discovery and to the nooks and crannies of the world.

Wave that flag: Opposing war is patriotic

Almost every issue is polarizing in today’s political environment. Hot-button issues such as gender neutral bathrooms, political correctness and whether or not to salute...

Haley’s House: Make college affordable again

College is becoming too expensive. So expensive college students are considering a college education to not be worth the time with a pile of student loan debt waiting for them at the end of the four years.

Politickin’ me off: ‘Loyalty Day’ is not about loyalty

Loyalty Day is marked by the first day of May. But, Loyalty Day is not entirely about loyalty to the United States of America.

We need to stop using the phrase ‘radical Islamic terrorism’

The use of "radical Islamic terrorism" demonizes Muslims and Islam. We need to drop the phrase in order to decrease fear and tension.

Politickin’ me off: No platform for violent ‘alt-right’ activists

'Alt-right' activists do not deserve to be given a place to have the opportunity to victimize minorities and further violent tendencies.

Haley’s House: Support can squash student stress

Summer is three weeks away, but what stands between you and break are tests, projects, papers, and more tests. Don't let stress control your life; find ways to cope that will fit your personality.

I spy…Gorlok Scavenger Hunt and concert contest

Join the Gorlok Scavenger Hunt for a chance to win tickets to see The Flaming Lips at The Pageant.

Haley’s House: World travel changes perspective on ‘first world problems’

Americans enjoy comfort amenities like hot showers and properly cleaned, filtered water. World travel, however, challenges your perspective and makes you find a greater appreciation for the little things.

Politickin’ me off: When it comes to diversity, money matters

Diversity and inclusion comes in all forms. One piece that is often excluded - social class and financial standing.

Politickin’ me off: Missouri sex education law should focus on teaching consent, not abstinence

When we finally understand that we can’t prevent sex from happening, we can start figuring out how to teach young people to approach it in a way that’s physically and emotionally safe.

The great balancing act: the struggle of a full-time student, full-time worker

Driving an hour to school after a 12-hour workday as a paralegal isn't ideal, but I have my reasons why I do it.

Haley’s House: Gorloks in Ghana

The trip to Ghana is a part of the International Storytelling course.

Haley’s House – Don’t be afraid to try something new this spring break

Humans naturally like the safety net of things that are familiar and comfortable. This Spring Break, push yourself to try something new and different.