Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Hayley’s House: Mental health and gun control go hand in hand

Mental health is obvious - gun control should be too.

Debate empowers students

Speech and debate has changed my life. For those of you who don’t know, speech and debate is an academic extra or co-curricular activity...

Mind Over Media – Sponsored content not so native to journalism

Today, online advertising is in a significantly different era. Banner ads no longer peak the interest of Internet users, who have grown more aware of what the Internet has to offer.

Beta Theta Bye

My experience with sorority recruitment at a private, southern university Freshman year of college, I attended a small, private, Christian university in Birmingham, Alabama. One...

Not “feeling the Bern”

Young people all over the country are “feeling the Bern,” according to an NBC News poll taken in October.  Opponent Hillary Clinton led that...

The Trump Trainwreck: The president’s first weeks in office

President Donald Trump continues to live up to the name of being the most controversial president in U.S. history. Through executive orders and waging wars on the media, the president's first weeks prove he is running an "alternative facts" administration.

Social Media is not a miracle for millennials

College students live in an age where a phone in our pocket is more common than a pen. Whether we are flipping through our...

#FastingForTheClimate: Students raise money for Typhoon victims

Kris Parsons, Gaby Deimeke, Jon Strauser and Katie Maxwell discuss a campaign launching this Friday to raise money for Typhoon Haiyan victims through fasting. The campaign is based on the idea that super storms like Typhoon Haiyan are caused by global climate change, and asks students to take action.

Independent Thoughts: Independent voting is a dilemma

I am not a pointless voter as an independent. In fact, I am actually a part of the majority voters.

Legislators hold abortion rights hostage

Illustration by Amber Williams Whether you are a pro-lifer who believes that your values supersede everyone else’s, or you are a pro-choice feminist shoving anti-patriarchal...

CEO’s need to use Twitter more responsibly

Let’s say your great Aunt suddenly died (climbing accident in the Bavarian Alps) and left you her company. Nothing much, just MPO Thumbtacks (I...

Police brutality makes me feel unsafe

Recently there has been controversy over another police shooting and killing of an unarmed African American male on the night of Sept. 6. After finishing...

Stop asking how many people I’ve killed

"I served in the Marine Corps for four years. In that time I deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan. I experienced things during those firefights that I don’t talk about with anyone who isn’t a trained psychologist. I like to think I’ve come to terms with what I was involved in, but being forced to talk about it with strangers makes that hard."

Political Cartoon: Magic ADP 8-Ball

Student asks the magic ADP 8-ball if they will get paid this week.
Political cartoon

Political cartoon: University and city get ready to rumble

Webster University President Elizabeth Stroble and Webster Groves Mayor Gerry Welch face off at the city council meeting for round 2 on educational zoning.

Global Thinking: Gitmo hinders US foreign policy, North Korea keeps prisoner

Kavahn Mansouri, News Editor, discusses how Guantanamo Bay is more than just a human rights issue.