Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Student poses as black, “beats” affirmative action… but his “social experiment” fails

Comedian Mindy Kaling’s brother, Vijay Chokalingam, recently revealed that he pretended to be black to get into medical school. Here's why his "social experiment" didn't work.

Letters from Thailand: a review of Bangkok

The familiar bright lights of the city flash in hundreds of colors all around as the van door opens. We step out into the...

Immigrants are not America’s enemy

A caravan of almost 8,000 people is coming to the southern border of the U.S. to seek asylum from various countries like Honduras, Guatemala...

FDA attempt to curb e-cigarette use won’t work

After a month in which mass shootings have once again crept up and revealed our glaring firearm problem, California remains on fire, and Saudi...

Haley’s House – Don’t be afraid to try something new this spring break

Humans naturally like the safety net of things that are familiar and comfortable. This Spring Break, push yourself to try something new and different.

Marriage equality overshadows LGBTQ oppression

Internation Human Rights major Henrietta Campbell argues the stalemate for gay marriage with the supreme court is not a win. They believe LGBTQ rights to employment, safety and inclusion are more pressing issues.

Political Cartoon: Magic ADP 8-Ball

Student asks the magic ADP 8-ball if they will get paid this week.

Trumps wall is not worth the shutdown

One thing Trump always promised was the wall. No matter what statements he deviated from he always stuck to that one. Promises of building...

Assessing sizeism at its seams: denouncing the one-size-fits-all myth

Alexandria Lenzi, copy editor for The Journal, critiques the myth of a universal standard of health, weight, and beauty perpetuated by the media. She argues that there are numerous natural body types, so beauty and a healthy weight are defined by the individual.
Cor Jesu discrimination

Cor Jesu: doctrine vs. discrimination

Over the summer, Cor Jesu Academy fired two gay faculty on the basis of Catholic doctrine. Guest Writer Anna Cruzen, an alumna of the school, takes the side of her fellow alumnae to protest this as a case of discrimination.

Mind Over Media: Considering environmental issues in children’s entertainment

When children's films aim to be educational, it can be tricky to tell an emotional story without compromising the information. Cait Lore, Opinions Editor, and Caitlin Zera, a film production major, share their perspective on the success of past environmental children's films.

Letters from Thailand: I am now a Buddhist

I went to Thailand for study abroad and will be coming back with an entirely different religion. And I love it.

Remembering the presidency of George H.W. Bush

It was just after midnight on Nov. 30 when the Bush family released a statement announcing the passing of George H. W. Bush, the...

Hayley’s House: White privilege education is crucial to social change

Speak up next time you see racist Karen at the water cooler.

Monica Lewinsky deserves better

I was two-years-old when Monica Lewinsky was dragged through hell in 1998. For me, 1998 was about wreaking havoc on my mother’s organized kitchen...