Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Beta Theta Bye

My experience with sorority recruitment at a private, southern university Freshman year of college, I attended a small, private, Christian university in Birmingham, Alabama. One...

Hey Alexa, am I fat?

No human being is fat, our bodies are made of so much more than fat cells. Reducing someone to the number of fat cells they have is a struggle I--and so many other women--have long dealt with.

From Independent Thoughts: Education is the passport to the future

I have been afforded this education and for that I am thankful

Songkran: A Thai water festival

It was a real splash

Webster should do more about sexual assault

There are so many solutions, all Webster needs to do is explore them.

Independent Thoughts: Independent voting is a dilemma

I am not a pointless voter as an independent. In fact, I am actually a part of the majority voters.

Hayley’s House: Anime is for you, too

If you don't watch anime, you are missing out.

Letters from Thailand: I am now a Buddhist

I went to Thailand for study abroad and will be coming back with an entirely different religion. And I love it.

SGA working on new programs

This PSA was written by Vice President of SGA Zoe Burton Guess what is coming up, folks? Delegates Agenda. This means the administration is finally...

An Arab in the ‘Wild West’ – It is time to accept America’s gun...

In a time where gun violence is at an all-time high, we need more armed individuals.

Hayley’s House: Mental health and gun control go hand in hand

Mental health is obvious - gun control should be too.

Letters from Thailand: Hua Hin – my Thai cultural immersion trip

Being immersed in a different type of culture is something that you have to go out of your way to do, even when you study abroad.

From Independent Thoughts: My civil war against perfectionism

The paradox of perfectionism being imperfect is a complicated thing to face.

Hayley’s House: History is everywhere – and it’s watching you

Never forget what you didn't learn in high school history class.

Letters from Thailand: What the Thai phrase “Mai Bpen Rai” really means

It's like Hakuna Matata, but much it has a much deeper emotion. Maybe.