Monday, March 8, 2021

Mind Over Media: Retweeting with Leonardo DeCaprio

Cait Lore, Opinions Editor, questions the legitimacy of an alleged tweet from oscar nominee Leonardo DiCaprio. This raises larger questions about the importances of fact checking and citing sources before sharing information online.

Asking ‘what’s wrong?’ and expecting an answer

Megan Washausen, a Life & Sports Editor for The Journal, speaks on why it is important to talk about your feelings— especially on facebook.

Finding a Webster family

Megan Washausen, Life & Sports Editor, reflects on her successful time at Webster University as a commuter. She lends advice to other commuters looking to find a place to call home on campus.

Kavahn Mansouri vs. The World: A planet too far gone

Kavahn Mansouri states why he feels recycling isn't a master plan to save the world in this edition of Kavahn Mansouri vs. The World.

Political Cartoon: Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen go out to dinner

Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen struggle to get a table at an Arizona restaurant.

Kavahn Mansouri vs. The World: Recycling is necessary evil

In this edition of Kavahn Mansouri vs. The World, Caitlin Zera, a contributing writer, explains that recycling is a necessary practice but can be deceivingly wasteful.

Letter to the Editor: What Happened To Black History Month?

India Lovings, Public Relations major, does not feel like Webster did enough to celebrate Black History Month. Read her letter to the editor to see how she thinks Webster compares to other colleges' celebration, and what she thinks Webster should do next year.

Restaurants reach their tipping point

Livi Hall, Calendar Editor at The Journal, shares her frustrations as a waitress.

Mind Over Media: Considering environmental issues in children’s entertainment

When children's films aim to be educational, it can be tricky to tell an emotional story without compromising the information. Cait Lore, Opinions Editor, and Caitlin Zera, a film production major, share their perspective on the success of past environmental children's films.

Realizing relevence of Farrow’s open letter

Molly Waters, a women and gender studies major, comments on Dylan Farrow's open letter that claims Woody Allen sexually abused her. Waters warns sweeping Dylan Farrow's open letter under the rug will only perpetuate the severely prevalent issues of sexual and childhood abuse.

Political Cartoon: Snowden in Russia

Edward Snowden in Russia: "I'm so happy I warned the U.S. about the spying of NSA."

‘That guy’ writes a column on transfering

Tim Godfrey transferred to Webster this semester, and his transition to a new campus has been difficult.

Seeking the illusive point of Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is this Friday. Staff writer Hailey Kaufman questions whether the holiday is necessary, useful, or even counterproductive.

Mind Over Media: Nerd out with reference culture

Journal opinions editor Cait Lore talks about the referential comedy in Big Bang Theory, and what that says about pop culture.