Saturday, April 10, 2021

Alex Wilking: Reflections from the City of Fog

A Study-Abroad’s Farewell

Letter to the Editor: Clueless as to context when comparing Harry Potter and Lord...

Creighton Chavez, art major, finds it inappropriate to compare Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter in Issue 26 of “Kavahn Mansouri vs. The World”. Read to learn why she finds comparing The Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter series an injustice to both.

Letter to the Editor: Use your vote to impact the college experience at...

In this letter, Christopher Whitmore explains how students can make the biggest impact with their votes in the SGA elections.

From the gear-head’s garage: Hybrids are not as environmentally friendly as they seem

The Hummer can be considered more eco-friendly than the Prius. In this installment of "From the gear-head's garage" Joseph Strong explains why that it is.

Voting smart requires thinking forward

Current SGA President Katie Maxwell encourages students to use forward thinking when voting for SGA positions rather than focusing on the present time.

Kavahn Mansouri vs. The World: Harry Potter: the chosen one

The Harry Potter series influenced the lives of a generation on a global scale. The characters grew with readers and warmed their way into readers’ hearts in a powerful way.

Kavahn Mansouri vs. The World: One series to rule them all

When it comes to fiction, Tolkien stands alone. Harry Potter will prove to be a passing fad in the long run.

Mind Over Media: Data by design, the future of television

Netflix has a new way of tailoring media content just for you. This installment of Mind Over Media explores how big data is changing television.

Marijuana laws create legal limbo

Matt Duchesne answers why we need to start rethinking our views on marijuana.

Assessing sizeism at its seams: denouncing the one-size-fits-all myth

Alexandria Lenzi, copy editor for The Journal, critiques the myth of a universal standard of health, weight, and beauty perpetuated by the media. She argues that there are numerous natural body types, so beauty and a healthy weight are defined by the individual.

From the gear-head’s garage: Points to consider before purchasing a car

Joseph Strong, a mass communications major, has a passion for cars, so he stared an auto column. This week he shares helpful tips for students seeking to buy a car.

Beyond the Binary: 18 Years of Drag Ball

Caitlin Zera, Film Production Major, writes a reflective piece on Webster's Drag Ball. She ponders if the event is still as progressive as it was 18 years ago at the first Webster Drag Ball.

Mind Over Media: Privacy, reconsidering our constitutional rights

This week's Mind Over Media explores how this digital age brings new privacy issues. Cait Lore, Opinions Editor, thinks that perhaps it is time to amend the constitution to include privacy.

Managing bias during budget cut discussions

As you read the story, “Student media may see budget cut in fall” you may recognize the names of a few of the quoted individuals from our staff box. As a reader, you deserve to know what if any biases may be present in The Journal’s reporting, and what we’ve done to minimize bias. The story is about next fiscal year’s budget, specifically for student media in the School of Communications (SOC).